1/8th Nitro & E-Buggy RallyX

Rallycross Round 4 2019 Information Pack

1/8th Rallycross Off Road National Championships

Round 4, August 16th and 17th, Navan (NNN)

Hi All,

We just want to give drivers some information in advance of Round 4 of the 1/8th Rallycross Nationals at the Navan.


Gates open at 10.30am

Practice from 12pm till 5pm


Gates open from 8.00am

Booking in will be open from approx. 9 until 10 (will be announced over PA)

Track open from 8.30 to 10 for open practice.

Drivers briefing approx. 10.15

First race 10:30 sharp.

There will be a 30 min lunch break after Qualifying

Finals will start approx. 2pm

Qualifying will be 4 rounds, Round by Round, with best 3 rounds to count.

Timing system is Mylaps RC4.

There`s plenty of pitting indoors and outdoors available.

Please see www.nnn.ie for location details.

Race fee:

Saturday €8 for Practice,

Sunday €12 for Race Day + €6 extra if double classing.

Make sure to register before using the track on either day.


Class Rules can be found here:

Click Here:

Note@: LiPo Sacks are Mandatory


You must be a member of the RCCAOI and an affiliated club to race.

Please join before the race day.

Join Up
If you have any questions forwards them to the info@rccaoi.com

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