Dear Members,

    On behalf of the RCCAOI we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their participation in this year’s various National events held across the country during the 2019 season.

With a special thanks going out to those members from each club who have worked at organizing the running of these race days.

With the 2019 season now at an end it is fast approaching that time for the Annual General Meeting.

Please read the following with regards to this year AGM.

Date & Venue

The RCCAOI Annual general meeting is open for any member to attend.

The AGM will take place on Sunday October 27th at 4pm, Navan ( venue to TBC )

**  AGM Agenda  **

  • Statements of the Committee:

                  Chairman Statement
                  Secretary Statement
                  Treasurer’s Report: Financial Report

                  Section Rep Statement

  • Trophy Presentation:

                1/8th Rally-cross + Ebuggy
                1/10th Buggy 2wd + 4wd

                1/5th Largescale

  • Proposals:

                 Vote On New Committee
                  Rule changes and proposals

  • Any Other Business:
  • Close of Meeting:

Committee Positions

As in previous years all positions on the Committee are open for members to be proposed for. The following are the positions available:

1/10th Electric Buggy Rep
1/8th Rally cross / E-buggy Rep
On-Road IC Rep
Touring Car Rep
Large scale Rep

If there is anyone in advance of the AGM interested in taking on a position on the committee please contact the secretary at Secretary@rccaoi.com with your details and which of the position you are interested in being proposed for.
Proposals will also be accepted on the day of the AGM.

As in previous years each Section must have a representative elected for the class to run in 2019.

Rule Changes

Any proposals for changes to the rule book should be in by no later than October 20th.
The form should be returned via email to the RCCAOI Secretary at  secretary@rccaoi.com.
All proposals will be posted on the RCCAOI website www.rccaoi.com for members to see prior to the AGM.

European and Worlds Places

The RCCAOI is taking names for those interested in Worlds or European Events in 2020. Application for European and Worlds events for 2020 should be done at or before the RCCAOI AGM on the 27th.
Please fill out the Application Form which is attached to this email and return it to treasurer@rccaoi.com.
Please note that only applications paid for by the day of AGM will be sent to EFRA for the first round of places.
Any question with regards to prices for these events contact the treasurer with your enquiry at treasurer@rccaoi.com.
Information regarding these events is published on www.efra.ws

FYI:  Payment of fees does not guarantee a place for any events; in the case an application is not successful a refund will be issued to the driver.

Any Other Business:

If there is anyone who wishes to contact the RCCAOI about AOB or topics for the AGM, please feel free to contact the Secretary using the details provided below.
Greg Cunningham
RCCAOI Secretary
Email :  secretary@rccaoi.com

Thanks again for your continuing support,

RCCAOI Committee