1/10th Electric Offroad

Applications for EFRA and IFMAR events 2020

For all those drivers that qualify for participation at the 2020 EFRA and IFMAR events, below is a list of the events and venues with some dates

TBC at the EFRA AGM. Applications for anyone wishing to participation on behalf of the RCCAOI will be taken at the AGM this weekend.

Should you require anymore info or event prices contact the treasurer@rccaoi.com .

The Application forms are available from the following Link, Click Here

EFRA 1/10th Off-Road Events for 2020

EFRA 1/8th Off-Road Events for 2020

IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road Events for 2020

The 2020 IFMAR World Championship will be held in Brazil – https://www.rccm.com.br/

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