1/8th Nitro & E-Buggy RallyX

1/8th Rallycross Race format for 2021

For 2021 we are running a shorten season and with the like hood of Covid-19 still playing a part in the organizing around the National events. To allow for this the Association and Club representatives have but to gather an alternative format for the season which will allow for more racing over a smaller number of national weekends. We also see the re-introduction of Truggy class for 2021 into the calendar for the season.

2021 sees an alternative race format allowing us 6 race days for the season – Saturday and Sunday will both be race days, with Ebuggy & Truggy taking place on the Saturday and Nitro Buggy to follow on the Sunday.

Ebuggy and Truggy Format

  • 2 x 7 min practice runs
  • 3x 7 min qualifying runs
  • Lunch 30 mins
  • 2 leg finals 10 mins each Start

Start 8.30am – Finish 5pm Points for qualifying then reverse grid finals.

Nitro format

  • 2x 7 min practice starts 8am
  • 3x 7 min Nitro format.
  • 2/3 to count
  • 30 mins lunch
  • Double sided Xmas tree finals with Max 6 finals plus Main final
  • Finals to be 20 mins long each side Main final 45mins
  • Main final – A20 B20 1/2  – A20 B20 1/4 – A20 B20 1/8
  • 2 from each final bump, 5 from each 1/2 go into main final
  • 1/8 finals have 10 car in each 2 bump
  • 1/4 finals 8 cars qualify directly 2 bump
  • 1/2 finals 8 cars qualify directly 2 bump
  • In Main finals top 5 from A Semi & B Semi go into make 10 car grid

Based on 50 drivers Briefing 7.45am

Start 8am – Finish 5.30pm

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