1/8th GT & GP Onroad

Race Report – 1/8th GP & GT Round 1

Sunday May 22nd saw round 1 of the national 1/8 GP and GT kick off at Saint Ann’s park Dublin.

Weather was dry on Sunday which was great news for all drivers participating.

Qualifying got underway with four qualifying rounds for each class. The pace was fast in all classses with Clive Connolly taking pole position in the GT class with his X-ray and Austin Elliott taking pole in the GP class with his Shepherd Velox 8.2.

The GP final was first up and the pace was hot for the first few laps with all cars close together.

Graeme and Austin were locked in a battle for 1st place until midway when Graeme stripped 2nd gear on his Infinity IF18-2 and had to finish out the race with only single speed.
This loss of pace for Graeme allowed Austin get in front until the chequered flag waved.

GP Results :

1st Austin Elliott: Shepherd 

2nd Graeme Lougheed: Infinity 

3rd Jason Noonan: Shepherd 

Next up was the 30 minute GT final.

Clive Connoly was setting the pace from the start with Bruno Barbosa, Jason Noonan and Warren Long close behind.
Clive held the lead from start to finish with the real battle for 2nd and 3rd going on behind him. 
Places swapped a few times throughout the final with some great close racing and when the 30 minutes had elapsed, the results were as follows:

GT Results :

1st Clive ConnolyL X-ray 

2nd Jason Noonan: Raptor 

3rd Warren Long: X-ray 

That concluded round 1 of the 1/8 GT/GP National on road champoinship and we all look forward to round two scheduled for July 10th.