2023 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the RCCAOI Annual General Meeting
12th November 2023
MDL Sports Grounds, Trim Road, Navan, Co. Meath

Minutes prepared by 2024 RCCAOI Secretary William White

The meeting started at approximately 4.30pm


Barkley AbernethyBADMCC
Colin WhelanNNN
William WhiteNNN
John DunganNNN
Olivier PauloinNNN
Jason NoonanORCA
Anthony KeaneCRCRC
Jimmy ChanNNN
Brian CarrollNNN
Stephen O’ConnorORCA


Lee McGuire                      DMCC
Dylan McBurney               NNN
Denzell McBurney           NNN

The 2022 AGM minutes were offered to the memberships and proposed for ratification by Barkley Abernethy and seconded by John Dungan with no objections.

Chairman’s address

The meeting opened with Chairman Barkley Abernethy acknowledging that 2023 had been a strange year for the RCCAOI with some classes falling away as other progressed. He went on to say that the 1/8th Onroad and 1/8th Offroad had succeeded where other classes hadn’t.

It was noted that the RCCAOI has had a record number of entries for the EFRA 40+ 1/8th Offroad European Championships with 11 drivers! He noted that clubs need to pay more attention to younger members as its becoming an old man’s sport.

He concluded by giving the sections credit for making it work in a difficult year.

Secretary’s report

The meeting continued with a short report from Secretary, William White. He supported the Chairman’s suggestions that getting clubs to encourage younger racers was the only way to increase the numbers at national level.

He continued with a brief summary of the correspondence received over the year. Apart from contact in relation to EFRA & IFMAR events there was very little. A message was received from CRCRC advising that the Cork Club wished to hold a National again in 2024. It was noted that no members from NIMCC were present which may indicate the level of interest for next years series.

It was noted that with such a poor year weather-wise that membership numbers were actually up from 56 to 62. He concluded by thanking the reps for their support in populating the website over the year and he hoped it continued into 2024.

Treasurer’s report

A balance sheet of the Association’s current financial status was available to all members. The Treasurer, Colin Whelan, explained the details on the sheet to the membership. The RCCAOI has a cash balance of €3,677.91 having made a profit of €439.06 in 2023.

Colin explained that membership fees were taken from 62 people in 2023 – a step up from the 56 participants last year.

Costs over the year included EFRA fees, bank charges, trophies with boxes and engraving, website and race number expenses. The Association retains assets to the value of €1,433.66. Colin explained that the RCCAOI had funds to purchase assets for any class such as a race control computer or scruteering equipment as needed.

Olivier Pauloin suggested that over €70 for website hosting seemed to by high and should be reviewed. The committee agreed to look into it.

The financial report was seconded by William White and carried by the room with no objections.

The meeting continued with the awarding of trophies and prizes.

The meeting continued with the election of the RCCAOI officials.

  • Secretary: William White was proposed Barkley Abernethy and carried by the attendees.
  • Treasurer: Colin Whelan was proposed by Barkley Abernethy and carried by the attendees.

Elections continued with appointment of the section representatives.

  • 1/8th RallyX: John Dungan was proposed by Barkley Abernethy and seconded by Brian Carroll and carried.
  • 1/8th Onroad: Jason Noonan proposed by Barkley Abernethy and seconded by various attendees and carried.
  • 1/10th Offroad: Dylan McBurney proposed by William White and seconded by Barkley Abernethy and carried.

The final position for election was Chairman.

  • Chairman: Barkley Abernethy was proposed by William White and carried by Jason Noonan.

Rule Proposals
Please see the updated 2024 Rulebook, when available, for final wording of any rule changes. Below details are just an outline and does not contain the final exact wording.

  1. Proposed by Dylan McBurney (NNN) – Amended
    General Rule: Where there are not enough participants to make the running of finals viable – say due to lack of marshals – the race director may change the race format to something more suitable once the change is supported by at least 2/3rd of the drivers in attendance. A proposal and vote on the change should be made at the driver’s briefing.
    Seconded and carried with no objections by the room.

  2. Proposed by Johnny Stroud (NNN) – Amended
    1/8th Nitro: Qualifying heats will be timed over 5 minutes plus the last lap. This is a reduction from the current 7 minutes. The two-minute warmup is not affected.
    Seconded and carried with no objections by the room.

Any Other Business

  1. Point of order from Oliver Pauloin (NNN)
    A query was raised about why round 1 of the 1/10th Offroad series was cancelled. It was raining on the day and a vote was taken to cancel the event at the driver’s briefing. The vote passed by a small margin. Before all the drivers left the track the rain stopped, and racing could have commenced if no vote had been taken. The committee acknowledged that the vote happened, the decision was made and that there was no going back on it now. However, a memo would be distributed to section reps advising them that events will not be cancelled unless there is a significant risk to the health & safety of marshals. Participants should be able to travel to events knowing that the chance of a stoppage or cancellation is low.

  2. Point of order from Jason Noonan (ORCA)
    A question was raised regarding the deadline for announcing race calendars. The committee advised that the traditional time for announcing calendars is the end of March for a late April start to the season. Reps and clubs should work together asap after the AGM.  

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5.17pm