1/10th Electric Offroad

Annual General Meeting

The 2022 RCCAOI Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday October 23rd at approximately 4.30pm – to coincide with the finish of racing at NNN. The location is the clubhouse at MDL Sports grounds, Trim Road, Navan, Co. Meath.

All RCCAOI members are encouraged to attend. An agenda with proposed rule changes will be available on the day – or check your email inbox.

Purpose of AGM:
1. Award prizes for 2022 Championships
2. Elect governing committee for the 2023 season
3. Elect section representatives for the 2023 season (no rep, no section)
4. Discuss and vote on rule change proposals
5. Discuss Any Other Business
6. Set approximate date for 2023 meeting
7. Euros & Worlds places applications due