Hi All,

We just want to give drivers some information in advance of Round 4 of the 1/10th Off Road Electric Nationals at the Dublin Model Car Club.

Gates open from 8.30am

Booking in will be open from approx. 9 until 10 (will be announced over PA)

Track open from 9 to 10 for open practice.

Drivers briefing approx. 10.15

First race 10:30 sharp.

There will be a 30 min lunch break after Qualifying

Finals will start approx. 2pm


Qualifying will be 3 rounds, Round by Round, with best 2 rounds to count.

Finals will be 3 legs, with best 2 to count.

Timing system is Mylaps RC4.

There`s plenty of pitting indoors and power is provided. There is also tables and chairs provided. No tents to be set up in parking area.

Please see www.dublinmodelracing.com for location details.

Race fee is €10 for first class, €5 for second.

Control Tyre Schumacher Mini Spike/Mini Darts or Ballistic Buggy Minispike. You will not be allowed race without these on ALL DRIVEN AXLES


Rules can be found here:


Note@: LiPo Sacks are Mandatory

You must be a member of the RCCAOI and an affiliated club to race. Please join before the race day, though we will take forms on the day. But remember we are racing too, and can do without the extra headacheJ!

Remember, if you want to race 2WD and 4WD 1/10th this is considered 2 classes, so you must sign up for both.


If you have any questions regarding anything, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can’t answer questions on Facebook, as there are too many groups to monitor!


1/8th Scale Off Road National Championships 2018

Dear Racers,

                       Next weekend marks the beginning of the Rccaoi 1/8th Scale National Championships. The series is being run this year over four rounds, in four different locations. The best three to count for the Championship.

All rounds will have open practice on the Saturday, which is a great opportunity to fine tune your set up, test your equipment, and spend some time socialising with your fellow enthusiasts, without watching the clock for your next heat. The schedule for each weekend is …

  • Saturday, gates open at 10:30am, open practice from 12 noon to 5pm.
  • Sunday, gates open at 7.00am, with open practice from 8.00am to 9.30am.
  • Booking in closes 9.30am sharp, with the first race off the line at 10am.
  • Race Fees, Saturday €8, Sunday €12. You must be booked in and paid before using the track.
  • Rccaoi membership is mandatory.
  • Rccaoi membership can ONLY be booked and paid online at http://www.rccaoi.com/index.php/join

it is NOT possible to register or pay at any track or at any round.

Round 1, next weekend is being held at Badmcc one of the best 1/8th scale off road tracks in Europe. A mixed surface facility, featuring dirt, brick paving, timber berms, crazy paving, rubber tiling, astro turf, and a few sugared corners to keep the drivers on their toes. The facilities are also second to none with covered pitting areas, multiple compressed air lines, a well elevated 40-foot rostrum, and overnight camping available on request.

Contact … https://www.facebook.com/groups/128109320545123/

“Badmcc, the best 1/8th scale off road track in the UK” … Graham Allsop



Greg Cunningham     

8th Scale Rep

Attention to all drivers taking part in the 2018 Irish Nationals Championships
Regarding the use of radio communication between driver and mechanics,
The Committee have agreed to allow the use of said
devices for 2018 season once they work under the below rules.

Radio communication is allowed between Driver and Mechanic.
Radio Communication Rules:

a: Only designated public service bands with a maximum power output of 500 mW are allowed.
b: Radio communication can only be used by the driver their pit crew, only while their driver is on the drivers’ rostrum for the duration of the race.
c: A single ear piece or one sided head set type that is not audible to others and does not reduce the ability to hear the referees’ calls must be used.
d: All equipment must comply with the local & country radio communications rules.
e: Not allowed, any 2.4 GHz radio equipment.
f: Radio equipment cannot be used at any other time within or around the complex.
g: Race management has the right to test, decline or withdraw the use of any and all equipment without question.

Note: Rules, b, c & f, do not apply to race management