1/10th Electric Off Road National Championships

Round 1, May 13th, Banbridge and District Model Car Club (BADMCC)


Round 1 of the RCCAOI 1/10 Off Road National Championships took place at BADMCC on May 13th


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As usual Barkley and his team have worked hard over the winter and produced another outstanding track.  With the weather looking reasonable, it was sure to be a great days racing.



2wd Modified

In the first heat William and Bradley set the pace with William taking the upper hand from Brad by 0.3s.  Only 4s slower in heat 2 was Colin showing that he was on the pace and looking for a good result.  Adam Keegan also put in a good run taking 4th overall in the round.

Round 2 was also fast with William breaking into 13 laps to take the round and secure TQ.  Bradley and Colin went 2nd and 3rd again proving their speed.  Dylan improved from Round 1 and took 4th overall in Round 2.. 

Changing conditions in Rd 3 meant it was crucial to get a good run to improve in qualifying.  William went fastest again, this time only 1s ahead of Colin.  Dylan improved to 3rd with Adam taking another 4th overall.  Top 3 going into the finals would be:  Will, Bradley and Colin.


2wd Clubman

Round 1 saw Gary Hunter put down the marker of 11 laps.  Graham chased hard and took second with Ken Gordon in 3rd.

Gary improved in Rd2 and moved into 12 laps.  Marcin showed his pace in this round by edging ahead of Graham to take 2nd.

Gary also took Rd 3 from Graham with Ken in 3rd.


4wd Modified

Top spot in the round went to Brad after a good battle with Will – the lead changed several times during the race. 

Lee took 3rd overall.

Round 2 saw the William/Bradley battle continue.  These two were definitely mastering the track and the conditions.  Bradley took the win and TQ overall.  Dylan improved to third despite a very late breakdown.

Rd 3 saw more of the same.  6 lead changes between Brad and Will saw Brad take the final heat of the day.  Andrew and Dylan also traded places during the last run of the day with Dylan just taking the 3rd spot from Andrew.



2wd Modified.

Last year’s champion, Dylan had a lot to do from 4th on the Grid.  The heats suggested that it was all between Will, Bradley and Colin. 


Will made a good start in Final 1 and took the lead immediately.  Brad and Colin had bad first laps and let a charging Adam into 2nd from 5th on the grid! Adam made an error on lap 2 and Dylan moved into third to chase Will.  It just wasn’t working for Brad and he couldn’t make the recovery back up through the field.  Colin was charging back up gaining positions every couple of laps.  Will crashed on lap 8 and then had to drop out of the race on lap 9 handing the win to Dylan with Colin getting all the way back to 2nd


Final 2 saw the top 3 make terrible starts again and all 3 dropped back down the field.  Once again Adam made the best start and took the lead on lap 1 from Dylan and Alan.  Another error by Adam let Dylan into the lead who could only hold the lead for 3 laps before an error let Will back into the lead.  Bradley had recovered and moved into 2nd behind Will and the battle for the lead was on.  A mistake on Lap 11 let Bradley into the lead and he would hold on for the win with William in 2nd.  Colin also came back well and took 3rd overall.  Dylan moved into the lead again on lap 5.  Dylan held onto the lead as others made more mistakes and eventually William took 2nd from Bradley.


The final leg was a real decider with 5 drivers capable of taking the win – no pressure!  This time Brad and Dylan made the best starts and moved into 1-2.  A mistake by Brad let Dylan into the lead.  Then a mistake by Dylan let Colin into lead and now Brad and Will were right behind so the race was definitely on.  Dylan re-took the lead on Lap 5 and kept his cool to take the final leg and the overall.  More errors and position swapping by the others resulted in Will taking 2nd from Brad.

Final results were Dylan – 1st, Bradley – 2nd and William 3rd.


2wd Clubman

Leg 1 saw Gary continue his qualifying pace and take the win.  Marcin improved from 3rd on the grid to take 2nd from Ken with Graham retiring the X-Ray on Lap 4.

Gary won Leg 2 and secured the overall with a dominant display.  Ken held off Marcin for 2nd and Graham having another DNF.

Leg 3 saw Gary retire and Graham came back with a win from Marcin and Ken.

Final results were Gary – 1st, Marcin – 2nd and Graham 3rd.


4wd Modified.

An early mistake by Will in the Leg 1 saw Dylan move into 2nd behind Bradley.  Bradley wasn’t messing around in 4wd and took a mistake free run to secure the win.  Will recovered to have a good race with Dylan, with Dylan taking 2nd by just over 1s.

Leg 2 saw Bradley take the same approach – led from start to finish to win the final and take the overall win.  Will chased hard but had to settle for 2nd.  Andrew moved into 3rd as Dylan retired on lap 11.

Bradley sat out the last final so 2nd and the 3rd overall was undecided.  William decided that there would no waiting around and drove off into the lead to win the final leg.  Mistakes by everyone else meant several changes with Andrew securing 2nd place from Dylan.

Final results were Bradley – 1st, William – 2nd and Dylan 3rd.


4wd Clubman

Graham managed to take the win from himself in all 3 legs.  Well done Graham.

A great start to the 2017season with some close racing!  Let’s hope the rest of the championship is as close!!

Well done to all the winners 


Finally, thank-you to all those who turned to up to race and also to BADMCC and Barkley for running a great event.

See you at Round 2 in Navan on June 18th


2wd Modified Winners

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1st Dylan McBurney (centre), 2nd Bradley Baird (left), 3rd William White (right)


2WD Clubman

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1st Gary Hunter (centre), 2nd Marcin Debowski (right), 3rd Graham Parkes (left)


4WD Modified

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1st Bradley Baird (Centre), 2nd William White (left), 3rd Dylan McBurney (right)