Urgent update related to RCCAOI National Events

Dear All,
Faced by the ever growing uncertainty around the Covid-19 virus and how it with will affect our RC – community as well as community at large. We are looking at taking actions now,

similar to those seen in other Racing organizations across Europe to do our bit to best help limit the spread of the virus and adhere to best practice guidelines during this time of crisis.

As a precautionary measure, from today the Association with the backing of the organizing Clubs is taking the following steps.

All our Associations National events that should have been happening between now and the end of April have been postponed, with the National events in May to be re-viewed at a later date.

What does this mean now for racers and race events?

For those who planned to participate at the 1/8th Rally cross Rd1 in April, this event has now been re-scheduled for the reserve date in late September.

The 1/10th National events will also be delayed with the season now likely to start in July/August, TBC.

We will continue to review the situation as it develops and keep you informed of any future event changes.


Barkley Abernethy

RCCAOI Chairman